6 Wedding Centerpieces Without Flowers

Flowers are often the focal point of any wedding decor. However, they usually come at a cost; typically around 10% of your entire budget! For this reason, searching for alternatives to the conventional flower decor may actually not be a bad idea. The following are examples of wedding centerpieces without flowers. These can be less expensive and […]

A Guide to Eucalyptus Wedding Centerpieces

As you search on Pinterest for the perfect wedding centerpiece, you start to wonder how much it will cost. Let me save you some time and money with these trendy eucalyptus centerpieces. Eucalyptus is a greenery that brings a natural and rustic feel to your wedding. These greenery branches also have a fresh fragrance to welcome your guest. Eucalyptus is a perfect […]

5 Simple Spring Centerpieces

As we get closer to spring the options for table decorations bloom. Flowers are often the main component in table centerpieces, resulting in beautiful and aromatic decorations. Below are spring centerpieces that fit both large rooms as well as small office spaces. These spring centerpieces are a great way to brighten your space and even […]

Winter Centerpieces

The winter season brings aromas of evergreen and pine, hot cocoa, and apple cider. You can typically find a flood of holiday scented candles that work amazing in those winter table centerpieces. The following are easy-to-make winter centerpieces that work well on your table, coffee tables, in your kitchen, over the fireplace, on a bookshelf, and […]

Ideas for Fall Centerpieces

The weather is getting a little cooler now that summer has past. Its time to dig out your fall decor. Don’t have any? Don’t worry! Fall in love with these easy centerpieces for your table. Enjoy these simple centerpieces that can go on a kitchen or coffee table. Impress all your friends and family by […]