5 Simple Spring Centerpieces

As we get closer to spring the options for table decorations bloom. Flowers are often the main component in table centerpieces, resulting in beautiful and aromatic decorations. Below are spring centerpieces that fit both large rooms as well as small office spaces. These spring centerpieces are a great way to brighten your space and even your day!

Blossoms are in Bloom – The Cherry Blossom Centerpiece

Cherry blossoms are in season! So now it is time to take advantage of these beautiful branches with small pink flowers. This spring centerpiece could go in your kitchen or in your office. For a more eye catching centerpiece, use a blue vase or a mason jar. To be more creative, bring out the scissors and hot glue gun for this easy centerpiece tutorial. Lia Griffith will show you how to make this cherry blossoms centerpiece out of crepe paper. Click here to see her tutorial.

The Yellow Flower Trumpet Centerpiece

During this time of year, I love entering the grocery store because of the display of daffodils. So before you go to the check out line, grab a couple of daffodils because these yellow spring flowers make a beautiful centerpiece for your kitchen. Simply place them in a white pitcher, or a glass vase. As a display in your office, I recommend to use a mason jar as your vase. This will bring a simple but rustic feeling in your space. You will not regret it.

Tulip Centerpieces – The Colors of Spring

Spring screams tulips! This spring centerpiece will be perfect in your kitchen and in your office. For the kitchen centerpiece, use a white pitcher as a vase and buy the tulips at your local grocery store, or a flower shop. To make this centerpiece stand out, use hyacinth as a filler. Don’t be shy to use different colors because spring is all about colors. For your office, use a small tall vase for your tulips. Don’t add any fillers. Just admire your beautiful tulips as they are. This centerpiece will be perfect for your office because of its tall shape and beautiful colors. It will fit in any small office space.


Hyacinths & Pebbles

This small centerpiece is what you need for your office. Use any small jar (lid optional) and fill it with white pebbles. Then top it off with your choice of Hyacinth flowers. Alternatively, you can also use a rectangular vase filled with small rock pebbles. Your coworkers will give you smiles and compliments about your chic centerpiece. Because Hyacinths are very fragrant, these decorations can easily freshen up your bathroom as well. Hyacinths are a perfect centerpiece because they come in every spring color you can think of.

Go Big or Small

These little blue flowers can fill a vase very beautifully. Make your centerpiece really stand out by simply filling the vase with lots of forget me not. To show off their blue color, place them in a silver votive candle holders. This centerpiece will also look amazing with a small glass bottle. Typically, forget me not is used as a filler in other centerpieces/bouquets but in this case it works great as a standalone centerpiece.