6 Wedding Centerpieces Without Flowers

Flowers are often the focal point of any wedding decor. However, they usually come at a cost; typically around 10% of your entire budget! For this reason, searching for alternatives to the conventional flower decor may actually not be a bad idea. The following are examples of wedding centerpieces without flowers. These can be less expensive and more memorable than the conventional flower centerpiece.

Vineyard Wedding Centerpiece

Vineyards are a great location for your wedding venue. Make sure you pick the right season for your wedding because each season brings different colors and backgrounds for your pictures. Another reason a winery is a great venue is because you won’t have to spend money on decorations. A wine bottle, grapes, and burlap is all you need for a centerpiece. It’s so simple and you will save a fortune! For a more detail and personal touch, use corks for a unique vase display with a candle inside. This tutorial is is easy to follow and has great photos. I highly recommend using a wine or vineyard scented candle for the centerpiece. Because you used grapes for your centerpiece, your guests will gobble them up and will open that bottle of wine.

Best Icebreaker Centerpiece

Centerpieces are the perfect way to break the tension or bring your guests together at table. Your guests will never forget your wedding because of how much fun they had. Buying game boards for your wedding centerpieces is literately thinking outside the box. Have each table be a different game board;  your guests will have no choice but to move and mingle around tables. These centerpieces allow you to be creative while also providing your guests with some valuable entertainment! It is a unique and fun way for people to remember your wedding.

Love LEGO’s?

Use your favorite childhood toy for your wedding decor. Be inspired with these pictures and use your imagination to build your wedding. There is no limit when using LEGO’s for your centerpieces. A simple LEGO centerpiece: a glass bowl, filled with LEGO’s, and a little sign. Be creative with your sign. For example, the picture below says “Building our Love Brick by Brick”! “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, your wedding date, or a love quote also make good choices. Make a contest for your guest by building your future house, your cake topper, or have them build a centerpiece. The groom or bride choose the winner and will receive a prize. Your guests will not forget the day they got to be a kid again. Oh, and your wedding date!

Sometimes Centerpieces Needs a Little Magic

Have a magical wedding with these glowing lanterns centerpieces. These simple but romantic centerpieces will be perfect for an evening wedding, whether its indoors or out. The white decorative lanterns will bring a Moroccan feel to your wedding like the picture on the right. One lantern is all you need for a round table, or use multiple different shapes and sizes for long tables. If you have square tables, use one lantern and place tea candles around the lantern so it can fill the gaps. For a more rustic feel, use a black framed lantern. You can buy any type of  lantern online or at your local craft store.

“Seas” the Day with these Centerpieces

Another great way to use white lanterns is for a beach wedding. This beach lantern centerpiece is so easy to do. Simply put sea shells and star fish inside the lanterns. Everyone will want to snatch these beautiful centerpieces for themselves (hopefully after the wedding). For a more elegant look, use glass vases and fill it will pearls. You should add a candle that floats on top for a delicate touch. A great idea for a beach themed wedding is using finger coral and beach glass.  This decor will really bring the ocean feel to your tables and guests.

Lovely Decorative Tree Branch Centerpieces

Manzanita branches give your centerpiece a unique look. This natural branch has a rugged look when displayed by its own. But with the right decorations you can give your centerpiece a fairy tale woodsy feel. You can buy these branches natural, or get them artificialy colored from silver with glitter, gold, or red. However the artificial does not come cheap. However, you can make your own color by spray painting them. Another great way to stay in your budget is using natural manzanita. Simply add a couple of small hanging tea lanterns on the branch, or you can hang crystal garland or beaded gems. Buy your vases at the dollar store to really save money for your honeymoon. Try to plan your wedding reception sometime after sunset so your guests can enjoy the glimmering lights reflecting off the gems, or light up your hanging tea candles.