A Guide to Eucalyptus Wedding Centerpieces

As you search on Pinterest for the perfect wedding centerpiece, you start to wonder how much it will cost. Let me save you some time and money with these trendy eucalyptus centerpieces. Eucalyptus is a greenery that brings a natural and rustic feel to your wedding. These greenery branches also have a fresh fragrance to welcome your guest. Eucalyptus is a perfect centerpiece on it's own or with a few flowers. These branches have a blue-gray and green color that works well with any flowers. Eucalyptus comes in a variety of styles and is surprisingly inexpensive!

Glass bottle Centerpiece

Want a simple and elegant centerpiece for your wedding? I recommend using silver dollar eucalyptus. This type of eucalyptus has large round leaves with a flexible stem. Usually, silver dollar eucalyptus is known to be a filler for bouquets and floral arrangements. A bunch of eucalyptus looks elegant in a vase. This will look great as a single centerpiece on a round table. If your venue is outdoors, your guests will be admiring the natural surroundings. This centerpiece works with as little (or as much) eucalyptus as you like. It is also goes very well with a single phlox white flower. For a square or rectangular table, I would use one big centerpiece in the middle with smaller ones on the sides. This will cover up the empty spaces on your tables. Just make sure the branches are long enough to hang over the edge of the bottle.

Tall Eucalyptus Centerpieces

If the venue for your wedding is indoor, you will need tall centerpieces to fill the room. These towering eucalyptus centerpieces are perfect for round tables because they are easy for guests to look around. Use tall vases for your centerpiece so the eucalyptus will show a welcoming environment. Make sure you spread the silver dollar eucalyptus so it could show all its greenery. Every detail in your wedding counts, especially flowers. However, the cost of flowers can be a jaw dropper, but it doesn’t have to be. Surprisingly, roses can be a reasonable price for a wedding. Add Creamy White Spray Roses to your eucalyptus centerpiece for a delicate touch.


Flowers and Eucalyptus

Baby’s breath is one of the most popular and inexpensive fillers for any centerpiece. For a natural display, use a wood box for your centerpiece and add a couple of white ranunculuses flowers to enhance the arrangement. A round table will be perfect for this rustic centerpiece. Light pink roses really complement the eucalyptus and can achieve a more glamorous look. I highly recommend using a gold vase for your centerpiece, and add some small candles around the centerpiece to wow your guests.

Rose are White…

When we think of roses, we think of the color red. Don’t be afraid to use white. Any flower will look amazing with eucalyptus, but white roses have a lot of meaning for a wedding. This traditional rose represents a new beginning and pure love. To replicate the photo on the right, use baby blue dollar eucalyptus with your roses. This eucalyptus has a strong fragrance and these centerpieces only have three roses. For the vase, use a silver or gold metallic vase for your wedding centerpieces.  On the right is seeded eucalyptus placed in a small gold vase. These modern centerpieces will work best for an outdoor wedding because they will blend well with their surroundings.

Long Tables, Round Tables

The shapes of the tables at your wedding is an important factor when choosing your centerpieces. For the long rectangular tables you want to use multiple centerpieces because a single one will make the table look lonely. A great way to avoid empty space is to have a big centerpiece in the middle and smaller ones on the sides. Instead of spending more money on centerpieces, use the eucalyptus as a table runner. For a more graceful look, have it droop down to the ends of the table and add small candles. Hurricane candles work great with a round table. It really draws attention to the center of the table. Place a couple of seeded eucalyptus branches on the table. Have the green leaves face out toward your guests, then add the candles. Use a variety of sizes if candles to impress your guests with this simple but polished look.