Lemon Wedding Centerpieces that Embrace the Summer

Yellow is the perfect color for a summer wedding. These lemon based wedding centerpieces all bring color, summer, and a freshness to your wedding decor.

“Tie the Knot” Around these Lemon & Flower Vases

For an outdoor venue, use sliced lemons as a filler for your floral arrangements. These lemon wedding centerpieces will bring the fresh summer feeling to your guests. There are a couple of ways to make this unique centerpiece, but the number 1 rule is to keep the lemons and the stems of the flowers separate. If the lemons are in contact with the fresh flowers, the acid of the lemons can shorten the life of your floral arrangement and the water will turn to a dirty color. The best way to guaranteed your centerpiece to last and look fresh is to use a flower liner, a floral foam or a smaller vase inside a larger vase. Use a wet floral foam to hold your floral arrangement then add your sliced lemons around the sides of the vase. Or simply add the lemons on the large vase then place your flowers inside the smaller vase with water. For that delicate touch, “Tie the knot” with a twine around your vase.

Bring the Summer Indoors

One thing you have to keep in mind for summer weddings: the heat. For this reason, it is often a good idea to consider an indoor venue. This also has the benefit of a controlled environment, meaning less stress and more flexibility for your decorations. The following are examples of yellow summer centerpieces brought indoors! You can use sliced lemons or even whole, with flowers or without. To add some height to your centerpieces, use curly willow branches or a floral arrangement. The first photo has  yellow billy buttons in the short vase, and golden forsythia for some floral in the willow branch. You can go a different route by adding yellow and white orchids on curly willow; I recommend talking to your florist to create this elegant centerpiece. Place these centerpieces as a single display, or put three vases on a long table, or only one main centerpiece with a small floral arrangement.

Rustic Lemon Wedding Centerpieces

Paring lemons with greenery is a great way to get a country feel at your wedding. You will save time and money because there are no flowers for these rustic centerpieces. Simply place olive branches, seeded eucalyptus, and whole lemons in wood crates. These will look best when displayed on long tables. You can skip the crates and lay your greenery and lemons in the middle of the table.

“Pedestal” Lemon Wedding Centerpiece

Fall in love with these simple pedestal centerpieces. Add whole lemons on your pedestal with little or no flowers, and some greenery to add more color. Be creative and use something that really goes with your theme wedding. For an antique wedding use a crystal bowl to place your lemons. Add some white roses for a more delicate touch. For a more natural decor, use a pottery or stone as the pedestal.