Winter Centerpieces

The winter season brings aromas of evergreen and pine, hot cocoa, and apple cider. You can typically find a flood of holiday scented candles that work amazing in those winter table centerpieces. The following are easy-to-make winter centerpieces that work well on your table, coffee tables, in your kitchen, over the fireplace, on a bookshelf, and even in your office! You will love the winter season with these simple decorations.    

Frosted Mini Pine Cones

Frosted miniature pine cones screams winter. The burlap table runner adds a natural texture to the centerpiece. Inside the candle holder you can add some small white rocks, or add even epsom salt. You can get epsom salt in any grocery store in the pharmacy area. There are different scents too! I recommend Dr. Teal’s eucalyptus and spearmint to give off a relaxing smell. To make this centerpiece pop out more, you can get some votive candle holders. There are so many to choose from glass, frosted, silver and gold. This is where you can be creative.

Christmas to Winter

This is a very good example of how easy it is to transition seasons. This simple centerpiece is so easy to make. A white pitcher with winter stems and a Christmas sign that hangs on the stems.

Not a big fan of the stems? Instead of winter stems, use some red berries. Just wait until after the holiday to take down the sign and you will be ready for January.

Give this a try. Buy a small tree and place it in a white pitcher. Use some contaminates to decorate the tree and after the holidays take them down and you have a beautiful winter centerpiece.  If you use a real tree, it could last up until February!

Greenery Tones

You can never go wrong with hurricane candles. These easy centerpieces only require greenery, hurricane candle holders, and of course candles. You can make this simple by just using one greenery, or you can mix it up. Another way to make this centerpiece unique is by tying the greenery with a green or white ribbon around the hurricane candle.

A Sweater for your vase

Are you having a hard time letting go of your old wool sweater? Have no fear! Reuse those sweaters for your new vases. This works well with many kinds of vases. Textures on your sweater really stand out once the candles light up.

Vintage or Modern

This frosty centerpiece gives a welcoming atmosphere. These can be purchased at any crafting store, or even in an antique store. If you have a hard time looking for them, you can always make them yourself. This video will show you how easy it is to make. If you don’t like this look, use glitter to shimmer your artificial fruit. I recommend using silver and gold colors for the New Years party. It will give your party a glamours vibe. Set your fruit on a pedestal or a bowl to show off your centerpiece.